Guideline to the Filming Process & Timeline in Maple Ridge

From Action to That's a Wrap

We Want Your Production to Be a Success

Step 1 - Coordinate with the Film Liaison

Maple Ridge’s Film Liaison is knowledgeable about the demands of the filming industry and what our City has to offer. We are here to help you with your filming needs, including locations and permits. Working closely with the Film Liaison is the key to ensuring that filming goes smoothly. Download the Filming Guidelines (PDF)

Step 2 - Apply

Step 3 - Get Insurance

Applicants granted permission to film on City property must provide proof of liability insurance coverage. The City requires a certified copy of the production company’s insurance policy with a minimum of $5,000,000 (five million dollars) comprehensive liability insurance. The certificate should name The City of Maple Ridge and School Board No. 42 as additional named insured. Policies without this wording on the certificate will not be accepted.

Step 4 - Pay the Deposit

The Film Liaison will provide an estimate of costs for all City services. Production companies are required to provide a deposit in the amount of the estimated costs. The deposit should be in the form of a cheque made payable to The City of Maple Ridge.

Step 5 - Get the Necessary Permits

The Film Liaison will help you get the permits you require, based on the discussions they have had with you.

Step 6 - Get Resident Letter of Approval

The Location Manager must email the Film Liaison their proposed resident letter a minimum of three (3) business days prior to the filming start date. The resident letter must detail the information regarding: parking, special effects, location of filming and contact information in order to get approval. After the resident letter has been approved, the film company must distribute the letter to the residents and businesses within a 2 block radius of the film activity.

Step 7 - Film

Step 8 - Finalize the Bill

After filming has completed, the Film Liaison will provide the film company with a reconciliation and breakdown of the costs incurred during the film production. This can take a few weeks, depending on the scope and requirements of the production. The Film Liaison will have to obtain all departmental invoices prior to finalizing the reconciliation. Any left over deposit will be returned by cheque to the production office.

Along with the reconciliation, the Film Liaison will send you the Film Wrap Form (PDF) to complete, sign and submit with your final payment. We appreciate any feedback you can provide us in order to continuously improve our services to the film industry.