Chief Administrative Officer: Scott Hartman

The Administration Division of the Office of the CAO is responsible for the overall administration of all departments. It develops corporate policy and provides leadership and direction for senior staff in the day-to-day and long-term business affairs of the City in accordance with Council’s Strategic Plan. The Administration Division also provides advice to Council on City organizational and operating policies and procedures. The CAO works with the Division General Managers who are part of the Corporate Management Team (CMT) to execute programs and policies consistent with the City’s Strategic Plan.


The division consists of Maple Ridge Fire Department, Human Resources, Legal and Legislative Services and Economic Development. It is also the liaison with and has oversight of the Officer in Charge of the Ridge Meadows RCMP Detachment. 

Maple Ridge Fire Department 

Fire Chief: Michael Van Dop 

Our Mission Statement states exactly what we do: Protecting Life, Property and the Environment.

We achieve our mission with dedicated and well-trained firefighters, line officers, administrative support staff and chief officers. The Fire Department conducts its strategic planning and operates to support a resilient community by delivering exceptional customer service in a fiscally responsible manner. Further, the Fire Department is committed to developing and strengthening our composite model using a core of full-time firefighters for the day-to-day duties and responses, while maintaining a large pool of well-trained, paid-on-call firefighters for large scale fires and other incidents. This composite model is very innovative in our industry and is also fiscally responsible. 

Human Resources

Executive Director, Human Resources: Michelle Lewis

The Human Resources Department seeks to have Maple Ridge recognized as an employer of choice as we recruit and retain our team members to be part of our organization and community. Our team is focused on delivering innovative, client-centered services, with a results-oriented approach that harnesses the potential of our most valuable resource – our people.

We work with the leadership of our Organization to attract, develop and retain the talented and passionate people that help deliver Council’s vision for the community. Our diverse and inclusive workforce needs to reflect the community we serve, bringing a strong shared vision and commitment to deliver on our City’s corporate initiatives, values, strategies and the needs of the citizens we serve.

Human Resources includes many services, from recruitment, selection, onboarding, total rewards, employee/labour relations, health and safety, disability management to organizational design, succession management and employee experience and engagement. Our goal is to support our colleagues as they develop and grow to their full potential in their career with the City. We want to ensure each employee is valued and respected for their contribution as part of the overall Organization.

Legal & Legislative Services Department

General Counsel & Executive Director Legislative Services: Patrick Hlavac-Winsor

Legal & Legislative Services (LLS) is the liaison between the contract legal service providers, Council and staff. The Department is also responsible for providing Council with up-to-date legislative, statutory and procedural information in the increasingly complex legal environment in which local governments operate. The Risk Management Program for loss control and insurance and Property Management fall under Legal & Legislative Services. 


Our Department provides legislative, statutory and procedural support to the Organization. Responsibilities include agenda preparation, meeting management, recording of official minutes, administration and certification of bylaws, and the execution of legal documentation. We also administer the Corporate Records Management Program and are responsible for compliance with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation. The general local and school district elections, by-elections, assent of the electors and plebiscites are conducted through LLS.


Property Management of the City’s land and property assets also falls under this Department. The property team is responsible for leading and managing all land-related matters, including the negotiation, acquisition and disposition of free-hold properties, statutory rights-of-way and resolution of various property disputes and historical encroachments, while operating within the framework of the Community Charter and Land Title Office. The property team also manages the City’s rental properties.



Economic Development Department

Director, Economic Development: Tyler Westover

The mission of the Economic Development Department is to build the most livable and sustainable community in Metro Vancouver, where citizens have opportunities for economic growth and where their children make their future homes. We provide investment attraction, business retention and expansion programs, as well as film production liaison services and tourism marketing and development. We work with local business associations such as the Downtown Maple Ridge Business Improvement Association and the Chamber of Commerce, and provincial and federal government agencies involved in business and economic development. We also provide administrative support and a staff liaison to the Economic Development Committee to Council, and its related task force groups. 


Ridge Meadows RCMP/Police Services 

Officer in Charge: Superintendent Wendy Mehat 

Ridge Meadows RCMP’s strategic priorities are based on three broad focus areas: Community Safety, Effective & Efficient Policing and Communications & Public Relations. The Detachment achieves their objectives through a variety of critical partnerships with citizens and through community policing and crime prevention programs.


Ridge Meadows RCMP is proud to provide policing services for Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. The Detachment is fully integrated in both cities, with the hub of operations in Maple Ridge supplemented by a Community Police Office in Pitt Meadows. 

Ridge Meadows RCMP has 103 uniformed officers assigned to Maple Ridge, with 2 officers funded by the Province of BC. Maple Ridge contributes the equivalent of 10 members to specialized integrated teams, serving the Metro Vancouver region. 

City civilian employees provide operational and administrative support for exhibits, prisoner guarding, client services, records management, crime analysis, court services, media relations, and fleet maintenance. In addition, the Detachment has a robust crime prevention unit with an active and dedicated volunteer base who are passionate about community and public safety. These volunteers are actively participating in programs such as Citizens on Patrol, Citizens Bike Patrol, Speed Watch, Block Watch and the RCMP Auxiliary Constable Program.

  1. Physical Address
    11995 Haney Place
    Maple Ridge, BC V2X 6A9

    Fax: 604-467-7329