Water System Improvements

The City is undertaking water system improvements to the north east region of Maple Ridge over the next two years. These improvements and upgrades to water reservoirs and water pump stations will build in system redundancy, provide additional fire storage and respond to growth and new developments that the City is experiencing. The projects are as follows:

263 Street Pump Station Replacement

– The City is proceeding with the replacement of the 263 Street Water Pump Station at 26285 Dewdney Trunk Road. There is already an existing pump station and concrete water reservoir on the property with the new pump station being constructed to the south of the adjacent reservoir. The new pump station will be connected to the reservoir and the existing station decommissioned. The work generally consists of site clearing, minor water main installation, a new building to house the pump room, electrical room and the on-site chlorine generation system. The project will also include provisions to accommodate two new water reservoirs in the next 5-10 years to replace the existing concrete reservoir and add additional storage capacity.

The contract has been awarded to Drake Excavating Ltd. and construction commenced in September 2017.  The pump station is now connected to the City's water system and commissioning is underway. 

​Albion Reservoir Expansion

- The City has built a third in-ground concrete water reservoir cell tank adjacent to the existing two. The third reservoir cell will provide fire, emergency and pump balancing storage volumes required to serve and meet the demands of the ultimate build-out population as projected in the City’s Official Community Plan (OCP). This will improve and expand the storage capacity in the southeastern part of the City’s water system in the Albion water pressure zone.

The project was awarded to TYBO Contracting Ltd. and construction commenced July 18, 2018 and is now substantially complete.

Foreman Drive at 232 Street PRV and Flow Meter Station

- The City is planning to install an underground pressure reducing valve (PRV) chamber and a flowmeter station. The installation will facilitate ongoing development in the Silver Valley area. The PRV will improve water system reliability by allowing water to flow back into the lower pressure zone during high demand periods.

Traffic impact will be minimal, however single lane alternating may be required at times. Construction commenced in June 2018 and is substantially complete.