Where is ESS?

Emergency Support Services are delivered primarily at Reception Centres, Group Lodging facilities, or directly to people who cannot come to these centres and facilities because of disability or transportation problems. Facilities designated as Reception Centres and Group Lodging facilities may include:
  • recreation centres
  • school gymnasiums
  • church halls
  • hotel conference or meeting rooms
  • shopping malls

Did You Know?

During an emergency, you should check in with your local Reception Centre even if you are able to remain in your house and have your Emergency Kit ready.
If a suitable facility is not available, a site may be selected and tents or trailers may be brought in. Examples of sites include:
  • municipal parks
  • camp grounds
  • school playing fields
  • parking lots
The location of Reception Centres will depend on the facilities available in a community or on the specific requirements for a facility during the emergency response.

Experience from previous disasters indicates that as few as 10 to 25% of the population may require assistance. Even if evacuees don’t require assistance, they will be encouraged to go to a Reception Centre to register and get current information regarding the disaster. Once evacuees’ immediate survival needs have been met, evacuees will continue to be welcomed at a Reception Centre where emotional support and additional information and directives regarding the emergency response will be provided.