Extreme Snow & Cold


The Snow Plow Tracker

Please email OperationsCentre@mapleridge.ca if you have any concerns. Thank you so much.

The City has developed a ‘Snow Plow Tracker’ map that uses data from the transponders on our snow clearing fleet. The data will be live during a snow event and is updated as the vehicles move throughout the community, so the location may be approximate and not all vehicles may display due to delays. As noted, the full fleet is dispatched as the snowfall warrants, and vehicles move to and from the City’s Operations centre to replenish fuel, salt, sand and brine, depending on the conditions and intensity of the weather event. 


When snowfall is in the forecast, preparation and planning are important in keeping everyone safe and minimizing impacts on you and your family. 

The City monitors road and weather conditions throughout the winter. When snow and icy conditions are forecast, crews and equipment are dispatched to clear roads on a priority basis. We appreciate your patience during snow events, as municipal crews work to keep City streets clear and safe. 

Here’s some important information on the City’s extreme weather response and your responsibilities when the snow flies.