Design and Construction Documents

The City of Maple Ridge Design and Construction Documents work in conjunction with Master Municipal Construction Documents (MMCD) and reflect industry best practices and regulations and provide consistency to the design and construction of municipal infrastructure.

The Design and Construction Documents consist of the following: (Hard copies are available by special order for a purchase price of $120.00 plus applicable taxes, by calling the Engineering Department at 604-467-7339.)

Part 1: Design Criteria Manual (PDF)

The Design Criteria Manual provides the minimum engineering requirements for designing infrastructure that is constructed in the City.

Part 2: Supplementary General Conditions (PDF)

The Supplementary General Conditions are changes made by the City to the MMCD General Conditions which regulate the tendering and administration of contracts as well as guide the general performance of contractors during construction.

Part 3: Supplementary Specifications (PDF)

The MMCD Specifications identify the standards to which infrastructure is to be constructed and identify conditions that apply to the majority of BC municipalities, such as material compaction. The Supplementary Specifications are modifications made to MMCD that are unique to the City which have been developed by both the Engineering and Operations Departments to identify all the necessary modifications required to meet City standards and construction practices.

Part 4: Supplementary Standard Detail Drawings (PDF)

Standard Detail Drawings are referenced in engineering designs to provide the configuration of municipal servicing being designed. To meet the requirements of the City, the Supplementary Standard Detail Drawings provide guidance on changes to the MMCD Standard Detail Drawings as well as specific cross-sectional layouts, for instance the Silver Valley Streetscapes.

Part 5: Water Meter Material Specifications and Guidelines (PDF)

The Water Meter Material Specifications and Guidelines outlines the City’s requirements for the installation of cold-water meters on municipal water services.

Amendments (PDF)

The Design and Construction document will be updated by the Engineering Department and reflected in the downloadable documents on a regular basis to remain current with standard practices and best management principles. It is the sole responsibility of each individual to ensure they possess the current version.