Crime Map

Crime Map provides information about recent and historical PROPERTY CRIME incidents only. It does not include CRIMES AGAINST PERSONS which include assaults or other crimes relating to personal safety. CRIMES AGAINST PERSONS are very high profile, and widely reported and communicated in the media. PROPERTY CRIME is most often a crime of opportunity, and this map is a reminder that we all need to be watchful in our own neighbourhoods. The recorded information shown has personal details removed, to protect the privacy of the victims. Incident markers that are displayed, are positioned at their approximate locations. When you first open the map it displays the most recent 14 days of data available. In total, the search will allow you to access over 5 years of information. You can modify the map by applying filters to display a range of dates, available within the Property Crime dataset. Incidents are easily filtered by File Number, Date and Crime Type by clicking on the ‘Apply a Filter’ button, which is located in the bottom left corner of the map.

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