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Community Champions Nomination Form

  1. Community Champions Nomination Form

    Do you know a Maple Ridge artist, athlete, volunteer, storyteller or barrier breaker? Maybe you even know someone who fits more than one of those categories! Parks, Recreation & Culture is looking for nominations for Community Champions. These people should be someone who inspires you and who deserves recognition for what they do in and/or for our community. There is no age limit - we encourage you to nominate Community Champions from all walks of life. While we will be recognizing all successful nominees in various ways, four individuals will be selected to appear on the cover of one of four of our Maple Ridge Parks, Recreation & Culture Program Guides in 2019. They will receive a framed copy of their featured guide upon its release. The deadline for submissions is June 28, 2019 at 11:59 PM.

  2. Completing the Form: Rules & Regulations

    1. The deadline for submissions is June 28, 2019 at 11:59 PM. 2. You may not nominate yourself. 3. Nominees must be current Maple Ridge citizens. 4. You may nominate more than one person, but please submit a separate form for each nominee. 5. Please use this form to submit your nominations where possible - if you require additional assistance, please email or fill out a handwritten nomination form and drop off at City Hall (11995 Haney Place) to the attention of Mikaela Myers. 6. Your form will not be published - the City will use nomination forms as an evaluation tool. 7. The City reserves the right to refuse a nomination. 8. In order for a nominee to successfully become an official community champion, they will need to meet some minimum requirements (willingness to participate, residency, etc) which will be evaluated after the submission deadline. 9. Staff persons of the City of Maple Ridge and their immediate family members are ineligible for nomination, but are welcome to nominate others who qualify. 10. Members of government (local, provincial or federal) and/or those running to become members of government are ineligible.

  3. Is your nominee a current Maple Ridge citizen?*

    Please note that only current Maple Ridge citizens are eligible.

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  5. Is your nominee a member of government (local, provincial or federal) and/or running to become a member of government?*

    Please note that members of government and those running to become members of government are ineligible.

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  7. What category(ies) does your nominee fit under? Check all that apply. *

    Visit for definitions of each category.

  8. Tell us their story. We want to hear about how this person is making you and Maple Ridge proud!

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