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More than 60 Scorecards enable you to see how we're progressing in relation to the City's Corporate Business Plan. These scorecards are a work in progress, and we will continue to enhance the content. Your feedback is requested and appreciated.

Focus Areas:

Community Relations

Citizen and Business Involvement in Sustainability Efforts

Scorecard: Provide work opportunities for people with developmental disabilities

Grow Citizens’ Sense of Community

Scorecard: Aquatics volunteers
Scorecard: Community volunteers  
Scorecard: Parks, Recreation & Culture volunteers
Scorecard: Promote community group independence
Scorecard: Support firefighters’ charities

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Economic Development

Support Existing Local Business

Scorecard: Business licence renewals

New Investment and Employment Opportunities

Scorecard: Attract film productions

Diversify the Tax Base

Scorecard: Increase commercial tax base
Scorecard: Residential tax assessment base 

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Reduce Energy Consumption & Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

Scorecard: Community charging station usage and greenhouse gas emission reduction
Scorecard: Community GHG emissions 
Scorecard: Corporate GHG emissions
Scorecard: Fire Hall No. 1 energy consumption & GHG emissions
Scorecard: Leisure Centre energy consumption and GHG emissions
Scorecard: Municipal facility electricity use
Scorecard: Vehicle fleet efficiency

Stewardship of Natural Resources

Scorecard: Protect environmentally sensitive areas

Zero Waste

Scorecard: Encourage residents and business owners to reduce, reuse and recycle

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Financial Management

Provide High Quality Municipal Services

Scorecard: Best practices in infrastructure management 
Scorecard: Capital works program

Key Indicators – Revenues

Scorecard: Building permit revenue 
Scorecard: Business licence revenue 
Scorecard: Dog licence revenue 
Scorecard: Gravel sales revenue 
Scorecard: Property tax revenue

Key Indicators – Costs

Scorecard: Fire
Scorecard: GVRD sewer
Scorecard: GVRD water 
Scorecard: Library 
Scorecard: Police 

Financial Indicators

Scorecard: Debt Per Capita 
Scorecard: Debt Servicing Ratio 
Scorecard: Net Financial Position

Reduce Reliance on Property Taxes

Scorecard: Maximize return on investment

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ScorecardAcknowledgement of Claims 
Scorecard: Citizen Satisfaction
Scorecard: Efficiencies in Payment Processing
Scorecard: Switchboard Call Volume
Scorecard: Website visits

Inter-Governmental Relations and Partnerships

Partnerships and Networks with Public Agencies

Scorecard: Community social services network representation
Scorecard: Support the community social service network 

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Safe and Livable Community

Emergency Planning

Scorecard:  Emergency Operations Centre/Emergency Support Services activations and training 
Scorecard:Emergency Program public engagement and education opportunities

Water and Sewer

Scorecard: Maintain a dependable sewage system 
Scorecard: Provide high quality drinking water

Fire Department

Scorecard: Elementary students attending fire safety education sessions
Scorecard: Fire inspections of multi-family residential structures
Scorecard: Reduce fire incidents 
Scorecard: Reduce response time in the urban response zone

Emerging Social Issues

Scorecard: Concluded bylaw calls for service
Scorecard: Population served by authorized police strength
Scorecard: Property crime offences
Scorecard: Violent crime offences
Scorecard: Weighted clearance rates - violent crime offences

Community Development

Scorecard: Healthy neighbourhood development

Recreational, Educational and Social Activities

Scorecard: Adults with very good/good fitness levels
Scorecard: Children who regularly meet daily physical activity guidelines
Scorecard: Citizens who use Parks & Leisure Services
Scorecard: Citizens who are satisfied with Parks & Leisure Services
Scorecard: Low income citizens accessing recreation services 

Provide High quality municipal services

Scorecard: Process commercial & multi-residential permits efficiently & effectively

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Smart Managed Growth

Growth Based on Sustainability Principles and Master Plans

ScorecardProvide new park areas 
Scorecard: Town Centre density 

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Safe, Efficient Transportation Network

Scorecard: Improve traffic safety
Scorecard: Provide safe, serviceable roads

Promote Alternative Modes

Scorecard: Transportation to work

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