1. Annual Report

    The Annual Report provides information on the financial position and results of operations, and must include information prescribed by the Community Charter.

  2. Citizens Report

    This award-winning Citizens Report is the "Reader's Digest" version of our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, summarized for readability and perspective. It presents the financial situation in the context of the larger economic picture and highlights many of our accomplishments.

  3. Financial Overview Report

    This document provides an overview of the Financial Plan for the City, which outlines the services provided and the financial implications thereof.

  4. Five-Year Financial Plan

    The purpose of the Five-Year Financial Plan is to provide a budgetary framework for Maple Ridge to plan and manage its resources, revenues and expenditures in order to best serve the community. The first year of the plan is the current year, while following years provide a guideline, incorporating the various long-term plans and strategies.

  5. News Releases & Newsletters

    Get all the latest information about Maple Ridge through media releases, Maple Ridge This Month and Workshop at a Glance.

  6. Official Community Plan

    The Official Community Plan (OCP) outlines the long term vision for growth and development in Maple Ridge. The OCP was recently updated with minor housekeeping amendments and adopted through OCP Adoption Bylaw No. 7060-2014.

  7. Performance Reports

    Reporting out to citizens, businesses, community groups and partners is one of the ways Maple Ridge is accountable to taxpayers. Online Scorecard Performance Reporting provides more than 60 scorecards which enable you to see how we're progressing in relation to the high-level goals in the Corporate Strategic Plan.

  8. RCMP Community Report

    Outlines key moments, defines service delivery, provides key statistics and costs and gives a snapshot of the year to come.

  9. Sanitary Master Plan

    The City has updated the Sanitary Master Plan.

  10. Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)

    The Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) contains a statement of assets and liabilities, operational statement, schedule of debts, schedule of guarantee and indemnity agreements, schedule showing remuneration and expenses paid to or on behalf of employees and schedule showing payments for suppliers of goods or services.

  11. Water Master Plan

    The Water Master Plan summarizes the upgrades required to maintain an adequate level of service to the year 2041.

  12. Water Quality Reports

    The City operates a water utility under permit and distributes water to almost 80,000 residents that is supplied and treated by Metro Vancouver. Samples from 20 locations in the distribution system are taken weekly and are analyzed by Metro Vancouver.