Investment Incentive Programs

A vibrant Town Centre and local, high-value jobs

Maple Ridge is one of the fastest growing regions in Metro Vancouver; both the population and number of jobs are forecast to almost double by 2040. To accommodate this growth, Maple Ridge Council has set two key economic development goals: the creation of an economically vibrant Town Centre and the creation of local, high-value jobs.

In order to accelerate the economic growth and development of Maple Ridge, Council has developed two new investment incentive programs: the Town Centre Investment Incentive Program and the Employment Lands Investment Incentive Program.

NEW Town Centre Investment Incentive Program 2015-2018
Due to the overwhelming success of the original Town Centre Investment Incentive Program, Maple Ridge Council has extended the commercial components of the Town Centre Investment Incentive Program to the end of 2018. Eligible projects include commercial and mixed-use projects such as hotels, conference/meeting facilities, offices, post-secondary and retail developments and façade improvement projects in the Town Centre.

NEW Employment Lands Investment Incentive Program 2015-2018
Maple Ridge Council is committed to supporting the creation of local, high-value jobs, particularly in the growing technology and advanced manufacturing sectors.  The new Employment Lands Investment Incentive Program is specifically designed to encourage job creation by supporting private investment in buildings and infrastructure on identified "employment lands". This incentive supports both new construction and renovation projects.

Investment Incentives At-a-Glance
Both incentive programs are designed to accelerate employment growth by encouraging private investment in employment-generating buildings and infrastructure. The incentives include:

  • Municipal property tax exemptions (additional exemptions apply to energy-efficient projects)
  • Building Permit Fee discounts
  • Partnering Incentives that reduce DCCs
  • Reduced parking standards (TCIIP only)
  • Brownfield Re-development Support
  • WorkBC Project-based Labour Market Training assistance

Time is money
We know that time is money, especially for developers. That's why we've assembled a team of senior representatives from each department who will meet with your team to ensure that everything possible is done to make the development process as simple and easy as possible. Our goal is to move your project from conception to completion as quickly as possible.

Brownfield Redevelopment Incentives
Brownfields are under-utilized or vacant commercial and industrial properties that have potential contamination issues. These properties are often located in prime areas, and have significant re-development potential. South East False Creek in Vancouver and Dockside Green in Victoria are two great examples of local award-winning brownfield redevelopment projects that have transformed their communities.

The City of Maple Ridge is working closely with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund to assist property owners and developers assess, remediate and redevelop brownfield properties. The program includes grants, loans and expert advice to help return brownfield properties to productive use.

Additional Incentives for Energy-efficient Projects
The Town Centre and Employment Land investment incentive programs both provide additional benefits for energy-efficient projects. Qualifying Town Centre projects can receive property tax exemptions for up to six years; qualifying Employment Lands projects can receive property tax exemptions for up to 10 years.

We also encourage you to explore the programs and valuable resources offered by energy companies to help you achieve the maximum tax exemption offered by the program. Our program is even more rewarding for projects using alternate energy solutions. Companies such as FortisBC and BC Hydro have programs to assist with studies, design, build and financing of such systems to help you maximize your savings. If you'd like to explore your options, let us know and we'll put you in touch

Project Map

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