Vibrant Downtown Task Force

The Vibrant Downtown Task Group began meeting in early spring of 2013. The group decided on a six month duration concentrating efforts on the completion of a number of action items. These were amongst the top priorities:
  • create a "Cheat Sheet" for businesses within the downtown core to identify what resources, services and supports are available
  • crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) review
  • lighting audit
  • signage audit
Task Force Creation
At a Committee of the Whole workshop on September 10, 2012, council directed staff to work with the Maple Ridge Social Planning Advisory Committee to gather input from a broad sector of the community on the Maple Ridge Downtown. A planning group representative of the business community, social service sector, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and staff came together to discuss the most effective approach to ensure that the engagement was meaningful and successful. On Tuesday, October 30, 2012, the planning group hosted a workshop that was attended by 45 members of the business and social service sector. There were several presentations outlining current initiatives and trends in the social and economic realms as well as information regarding current statistics and demographics. From this workshop, a number of recommendations were developed, including the formation of the "Vibrant Downtown Task Force."