Abernethy Way Extension (232 St to 256 St)

The City’s 2014 Strategic Transportation Plan (STP) identifies the City's highest traffic volumes are carried by three east west corridors: Lougheed Highway, Dewdney Trunk Road and Abernethy Way. The STP recommends improvements to the Abernethy Way Corridor in 4 phases. Phase 1 improvements (210 Street to 224 Street) have already been completed while Phase 2 improvements are currently in the design phase. This report discusses the findings of the Abernethy Way Extension Study, 232 Street to 240 Street being Phase 3 and 240 Street to 256 Street being Phase 4, respectively.

The Abernethy Way extension project is expected to advance the growth and development of the industrial and employment lands in the north east area of Maple Ridge. The future construction of 240 Street which includes the secondary bridge crossing into the Silver Valley area will also connect with the extension of Abernethy Way. This connection will also provide another alternative route for visitors and residents heading to the Golden Ears Provincial Park.

The study objectives were to assess the feasibility of various route options of the Abernethy Way extension, narrow down the options to a select few and evaluate them relative to each other. The study corridor begins at 232 Street and ends at 256 Street. Thirteen options were initially reviewed and narrowed down to three preferred options for detailed comparison using a multiple account evaluation (MAE). The MAE process includes public input for evaluating the final ranking of the three possible route options. A well attended public Open House was held on June 25, 2019, view the Display BoardsAfter the public consultation process is complete, the MAE will be completed for Council’s consideration and determination of the next steps.