Volunteer for Youth Services

There are many exciting and rewarding volunteer opportunities with Youth Services and volunteering in this area is a great way to make new friends and gain new skills. Some of the volunteer positions include: participating in Youth Council, mentoring at a Youth Action Park, volunteering at special events, band nights or dances and working at the Youth Concession.

To apply as a volunteer for Youth Services please:
  1. Sign-up by creating a profile.
You can also become a Youth Services volunteer by attending a Youth Council Meeting. Please note that Youth Services volunteers must be 18 years of age or younger.

Youth Council meetings are held on Tuesday nights during the school year at 7:00 pm at the Greg Moore Youth Centre.

Clint Gamache

Youth Programmer

Tel: 604-467-7443

Meghan MacMillan

Youth Programmer 

Tel: 604-467-7497
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