Meet Your Council

Mayor & Council 2011-2014

Welcome to the Council page. The seven of us were elected in November of 2011 to serve the community until the next election in November of 2014. Everyone on Council is extremely proud to serve citizens, and we encourage you to explore this section of the website to learn more about our work. This section will provide you with links to the Council meeting schedule, links to the reports that we get as part of our work and the broad work schedule of Council that we call ‘the Matrix.’

In addition to our formal work on Council and the various committees that we all serve on, we have the pleasure of meeting citizens at community events and as guests at a number of important functions in the community. There is a link that will help you channel invitations to your events and celebrations to members of Council. We work together to participate in as many events as possible throughout the year.

Ernie Daykin Chain
It is great to hear your suggestions and feedback about our work and hear your vision for our community. Your comments and suggestions are very helpful as we represent you throughout our three year mandate. When you click on the underlined names on this page you will be taken to the biographical information for each member of Council. Each of us brings a unique perspective to our work, and as a team we have the important job of shaping our community for today and into the future.

If you would like to share your ideas or comments regarding an issue facing the community we encourage you to email the information to all members of Council. The Service Request will allow you to report a specific issue to our staff who are equipped to deal with day-to-day issues that arise.

We are all very proud to serve Maple Ridge. This a great community that has a strong vision, a solid business plan and a very bright future. Please take the time to explore this section of our website and learn more about your elected representatives, your government and how services are delivered.