Sport & Fitness

Parks, Recreation & Culture offers both drop-in and registered programs which can be found in our Program Guide. Choose to participate on your own or in a class or group setting. Our fitness centre is fully equipped and wheelchair accessible.

Drop-in fitness classes are offered in facilities around the community providing options to suit your busy schedule. With Parks, Recreation & Culture you'll find your favourite class and discover something new that is worth trying.

To see more of what our Fitness Centre offers, please see our Fitness Drop-In Schedule.

Parks, Recreation & Culture also offers a variety of drop in gymnasium programs at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre. Indoor sports include basketball, soccer, volleyball, table tennis and more.

To see more of what our Gymnasium offers, please see our Gymnasium Drop-In Schedule.

Functional Personal Training Opportunities

Prevent injury, alleviate pain and build strength with Functional Personal Training. Whether you’re looking for one-on-one training, small group fitness, or want to work with a Functional Trainer to build a plan we have an option for you.

Aquafit Classes

Exercising in the water provides up to 17 times the resistance of air with no impact on your joints. No swimming ability required (all levels).
  • Aquafit
  • Water Wellness

Abs, Back & Core Classes

Focus on strengthening your abs, glutes and lower back to improve posture and core strength.
  • Complete Core
  • Cardio Core

Cardio, Strength & Total Body Classes

Strengthen and tone the body while alternating cardio exercises to burn calories. Equipment may include steps, weights, bands, BOSU balls, exercise balls, and body bars.
  • 20/20/20
  • Muscle & Conditioning
  • Low Impact
  • Cardio Kick
  • Total Body Sculpt
  • Tone, Strength & Stretch

Cycle Classes

Get an intense workout catered to your fitness level. Instructors will lead you through a series of courses to maximize your caloric burn.
  • Morning Ride
  • Cycle Fit
  • Super Cycle
  • Interval Cycle
  • Beginner Gentle Spin

Dance Fit Classes

Combine high energy cardio, motivating music and unique moves for a fun workout! Strength and flexibility work added for a total body workout. It’s about moving, not the skill of dance.
  • Dance Cardio Fit
  • Dancercise
  • Bolly X Dance Fit
  • Zumba Gold
  • Dance Zumba

Noon Hour Classes

These classes are perfect for those who want to squeeze in some exercise during their lunch break.
  • Complete Core
  • Total Body Sculpt
  • Yoga
  • Dance Cardio Fit
  • Beginners Deep Stretch Yoga

Yoga Classes

Join in on this basic practice of postures that integrates breath with movement to encourage balance, strength and flexibility.
  • Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
  • Beginners Deep Stretch Yoga

50+ Classes

Great option for anyone who wants a complete balanced workout with people in their own age group. Also suitable for individuals recovering from injury or looking for a reduced pace.
  • Water Wellness
  • Muscle & Conditioning
  • Low Impact
  • Healthy Bones Chair Fitness
  • 50+ Functional Movement