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Active Kids Club

Active Kids Club Program - Licensed

Our Active Kids Club licensed after school programs operate in partnership with School District 42. These programs are available at Albion, Eric Langton, Hammond, Highland Park, Laity View and Yennadon elementary schools. Children in grades K-7 are provided supervision from trained employees. At Active Kids Club we are proud of our innovative and experiential programming that focuses on fun, creativity, thematic activities and team work. We are a healthy alternative to watching TV and playing video games because we encourage and support children with their development in play, fitness, creativity and sense of curiosity.

Active Kids Club Participants Receive:

  • daily healthy snacks
  • a focus on fun and teamwork
  • a focus on spending their after school time wisely while being supervised
  • a time to connect and play with others after a long day at school
  • an "action-packed" daily program with tons of games, activities and things to do


  • $19 per day
  • $27 per child, per day on half day early dismissal
  • Registration packages are available at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre customer service desk

Active Kids Club - 2018/2019

Please be advised of the following important dates for registration of the Active Kids Club for the 2018/2019 school year. Release of New Program Registration Packages is 
May 9, 2018. 
Packages will be available online at, at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre front desk (located on the 2nd floor)
, or at your child's AKC location.

AKC Registration Date (IN PERSON ONLY):

Registration packages accepted per household. Multiple packages will not be accepted unless from the same family. One registering parent per family in line up please. Only fully completed packages with all required documents attached will be accepted at registration.

Date: June 7, 2018  
Time: 7:00 pm -  9:00 pm*
Location: Greg Moore Youth Centre
*Based on survey results from AKC families. Please note: The Maple Ridge Leisure Centre front desk will accept 2018/2019 AKC registration packages starting June 8, 2018 at 9:00 am.

Active Kids Club Registration 

Active Kids Club (AKC) registration packages are available for printing below. Please note families must print a Parent Package per family and an Active Kids Club Registration Package per child attending AKC. If your child has any medical conditions please note there additional forms required when submitting a registration packages for AKC. These forms include a Medical Alert Care Plan, Anaphylaxis form for severe allergies and an Administration for Medication if your child will be taking medication at AKC.

Parent Package