Park Development Projects

New Parks
Parks, Recreation & Culture strives to provide residents with parks, trails and other recreation facilities that are:
  • thoughtfully designed
  • well maintained
  • meet the needs of our community
We do this by building new parks and improving our existing parks.
  1. Blaney Hamlet Park
  2. South West Haney Park
  3. Merkley Park Synthetic Field
  4. Thomas Haney/Telosky Stadium
  5. Arthur Peake/Golden Ears
  6. Lions Park
  7. Firefighters Park
  8. Alouette Park
  9. Golden Ears Bridge Dog-Off Leash Area

Concept Plan - October 

A concept plan has been developed based on the feedback we received at the previous open house and through the online comment forms.
 As a part of our community consultation process we invited your feedback on the concept plan until November 19, 2017.
The Silver Valley Neighbourhood Gathering Place project
, which is part of the recent Community Facilities Conversation may proceed once the results of the alternative approval process are available.

Open House - May

Parks, Recreation & Culture staff held a public open house on May 11, 2017 to gather neighbourhood input on this proposed park in Blaney Hamlet. Have a look at the Open House Boards

A comment form was also available online for two weeks. Approximately 25 comment forms were received at the open house with 65 additional comment forms being received through the online form for a total of 90 responses.

Top amenities that were desired included a playground, picnicking, sports court, walking trails, grassed areas and small water play area. We are currently working on formulating a concept plan to share with the community in response to the many comments received. 

Park Location

East of 230A Street at 137 Avenue
Maple Ridge
Park Location Map