Investment Incentive Programs That Work for Your Business

An Exceptional Metro Vancouver Investment Opportunity

We want your business—it’s as simple as that. That’s why we developed incentive programs that take a great investment opportunity and make it even better.

Investment Incentives at a Glance

The Employment Land Investment Incentive program offer a wide variety of incentives for new commercial construction, renovation and façade improvement projects including:
  • Municipal property tax exemptions (additional exemptions apply to energy-efficient projects)
  • Building permit fee discounts
  • Partnering incentives that reduce DCCs
  • Brownfield re-development support
  • Canada-BC Job Grant
It’s no wonder that we’re becoming known as the new investment centre of the Lower Mainland. Maple Ridge has a rapidly growing and affluent population, affordable real estate, improved accessibility and a high quality of life. Whether you’re a business owner looking for a new location or a developer looking for a commercial or industrial property for your next project, there’s no better place to invest than Maple Ridge.

Did You Know?

Commercial renovations of $20,000 or more qualify for incentives. And if your existing building could do with a facelift, our Facade Improvement Program may be for you. Projects with a minimum investment of $10,000 qualify.
ELIIP Brochure (PDF)

Employment Land Investment Incentives (2015-2018)

The Employment Land Investment Incentive supports private investment in commercial and industrial construction and renovation projects on identified "employment lands”. Read More

Facade Improvment Program

Provides grants to property and business owners to renovate, restore or redesign their commercial building facades and storefronts located in downtown Maple Ridge. This program is a collaboration between the Downtown Maple Ridge Business Improvement Association and the City of Maple Ridge. Read More

Brownfield Incentive

Brownfields are under-utilized or vacant commercial and industrial properties that may have contamination issues. These properties are often located in prime areas and have significant re-development potential. Read More

Incentives for Energy Efficient Projects

To help you achieve the maximum tax exemption offered by the program, you'll want to explore the programs and valuable resources offered by energy companies. Developers are encouraged to explore energy efficient and alternative energy solutions to achieve the maximum benefits available under these incentive programs. Read More